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Other than the Website Package price, are there any other costs to starting/building a website?

If you don’t have one already, you will need to purchase a hosting account. You can do this through us or somewhere else. Depending on the size and amount of data that you have on your site, you will generally have about a $50 hosting fee per year.

How do I buy a domain ( and how much does it cost?

We can register any available domain for you for around $20. Because we host our websites through a mutual company, you would not need to pay an ongoing registration fee to keep your domain. (This is, of course, if you continue to host your website through us.)

How long does it take to create/rebuild my website?

This depends on how many pages your site has, how much content you will need, and client turn around. We make no guarantees on the launch time, but it generally takes 1-3 weeks for an average site to go live.

Will you continue to maintain my website and fix any bugs?

Yes, if there are any problems with the design and layout of your site we will make necessary repairs free of charge. You must agree to not edit any HTML or CSS code unless you would like to host your own site and sign a FTP release form.

Can I make updates to my site without contacting MetroPro Web?

Yes, of course. The Content Management System (CMS) on your site allows you to exchange updated information on your website whenever you wish.  You will not need a Web Master or Developer to make updates to your content, but if you would like to change the design or layout you will need to contact us to discuss your ideas.

How can I get my website to show up on Search Engines like Google?

Included in every Website Package is our Search Engine Optimization service. If you would like to get your site listed at the top of the search engine results we also offer Google Advertising services. (All Website Packages include $50 in Advertising Cash!)

How can I pay for my website?

We accept all major credit cards through Paypal as well as checks and money orders.

Can I send you my logo and other pictures to include in the initial design of my website?

Yes! We always try to integrate your photos and logo throughout your site. Your website’s look and feel becomes more unique when you add your company’s personal touch.

Who do I contact with a question that I have that is not listed here?

Please fill out our Quick Contact Form at the left of this page below the menu or go to our Contact Us page for more options. We appreciate all questions and suggestions.